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Not getting the job you spent weeks and months interviewing for is a demoralizing experience. But sometimes, hiring managers will go off script and get weird or perhaps too honest. Ladders asked its own readers and delved into Reddit threads to find the funniest, most ridiculous reasons an employer has given for you not getting the job. Ladders reader Joel said that he once observed two candidates get taken out to dinner on back-to-back nights by a hiring client.

Sign up here by clicking Get Started! Penney have all been linked to this fable. People worth their salt think before they saltthe thinking goes. So whether this is a legend or not, think twice before asking for the salt when you get your business meal.

I wrote it.

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It was for a company in [San Francisco] that made jeans. Some companies are looking, paradoxically, for job-seekers who already have jobs. Perhaps they think I am damaged goods because I was laid off. Several readers have wrote in with hiring managers allegedly telling them that they were too good, too educated, too qualified for the job. Ridiculous rejections are outlandish, darkly humorous, and ironic.

Being turned down for too many years of experience is depressing, but expected. Anyone in a position to make hiring decisions is probably pretty secure in his or her career, and a newcomer is rarely so dazzling and knowledgeable about a subject that their mere hiring destabilizes the entire company structure. No matter the reason, rejections are nothing to obsess about. Monica Torres. Turned down for salting their food before eating it Ladders reader Joel said that he once observed two candidates get taken out to dinner on back-to-back nights by a hiring client.

Looking for an inspiring way to start your day? They never spoke again. More: Office Life Productivity Success. More From Ladders.Maybe you're relatively sure you aced the interview and felt like you were walking on air as you left the lobby. But now, hours seem like days and days like weeks as you patiently wait for a formal offer.

Read more: 11 tips to help you move on from a job rejection. Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of " The Humor Advantage ," agreed. A shift from a barrage of questions to a marketing mode is a great sign they want to hire you, Taylor said. But remember you don't always have to answer personal questions. Some are illegal. Did the conversation go way over the amount of time they scheduled?

Did the interviewer invite you to continue the discussion over lunch or coffee? This is a great indicator you'll be getting a formal offer, said Taylor.

The Best Salary Negotiation Advice From Reddit

Taylor explained that not all companies will inform you that they're going to contact your references or start the background checking process, but others will. And it's a good sign if they do. Did the hiring manager ask you about other firms you're interviewing with, or try to sell you on why they're a better choice? These are good indicators that they're pursuing you, Taylor explained.

If the hiring manager asked you this, it could mean that they will call you. It also could be a formality, so don't read too much into it, Taylor said. Do you have a really good feeling about this? Maybe you're just being positive and overly confident — or maybe it's because you will be getting an offer. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Job offers are tricky — you never want to get your hopes up too much. At the same time, there are a number of subtle signs that good news will be coming your way soon.

From an extended interview to early salary negotiations, here's what to watch out for. Visit BusinessInsider. You're asked to come in for an additional round of interviews. The interviewer nods and smiles a lot during the interview. Your interview is extended.It finally happened. After devoting weeks — maybe even months — to searching for jobs, filling out applications, sending out resumes and going on interviews, you've finally got a job offer.

Saying "yes" should be a no-brainer, right? Yet for some reason — a reason you can't explain — you're hesitant to say yes. What gives? While you may not be able to explain the feeling in your gut that's telling you to hold on, you may want to listen to it. For those re-considering a job offer, Ogle says a negative gut feeling "may be a trigger that they have what they're looking for in their current role and that they should stay, or the role they're considering sounds great, but doesn't have something really important to the them.

The problem is, many of us have trouble listening to our guts because we have been taught to base decisions on facts; however, there's a scientific explanation as to why our gut might actually be one our best tools when it comes to making decisions.

The brain has two types of memory: explicit and implicit. Explicit memory is made up of the information we make a conscious effort to remember. Implicit memory is the knowledge we've accumulated subconsciously - or implicitly, if you will — from collected experiences over the years.

Have you ever caught yourself singing along to a song you didn't even know you knew the words to? Chances are you heard the song so many times, your brain just naturally absorbed it. That's how implicit memory works -- it enables you to recall memories such as the lyrics to "Shake It Off" you might not even realize you had. So when you have a "gut feeling" about something, it's likely the result of your implicit memory telling you that something is off based on knowledge you didn't even realize you had from prior experiences.

If your gut is telling you something is off about a job offer, take time to listen to it with the following tips. Sometimes our minds become so cluttered thinking about a dilemma, it's impossible to listen to what our gut is trying to tell us. If you've been mulling over the job offer for a while and you're still not getting anywhere, give yourself permission to take a "brain break. By stepping away from the situation and clearing your head, you will give your intuition room to emerge.

Sometimes what we consider a "bad feeling" is really just fear. Take time to reflect on whether what you are feeling is just fear of change or the unknown…or something more. It's perfectly natural to feel some fear upon accepting a new job, but just remember that every new job comes with a learning curve. Once you look at the situation rationally, you may find that what you were feeling was really just fear that will subside with time and experience.

When you think about the job offer, do you really want to take it, or do you think you should take it? If you find yourself saying "should," it indicates an external or imagined pressure to take it — as opposed to what you really want. While there is validity to following your intuition, it's hard to do so when most of us have always been taught to "think things through;" however, sometimes our thoughts can get in the way of what our guts are trying to tell us.

In order get more in touch with your feelings, try this quick exercise: Think about a positive experience from your past.

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Then think back to the moment you realized you were doing the right thing. What sensations did you feel?Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization.

Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. Rescinding a candidate's job offer can lead to an array of legal consequences for employers. To limit your organization's exposure to such liability, experts said, be proactive and carefully craft your offer letters. HR professionals will likely have to rescind a job offer at some point in their careers. It might be because of budget cuts, because the candidate failed a drug test or as the result of a last-minute decision by the hiring manager.

Revoking an employment offer is not illegal in most cases, but the decision should be given a full legal review before contacting the candidate. Promissory estoppel—the legal doctrine that supports a harmed party in enforcing promises made—is the most obvious claim for damages that a spurned candidate can produce. That's why the ideal time to rescind a job offer is before a candidate accepts it, said Melissa A.

To avoid the offer letter being interpreted as an employment contract, clearly state that the individual will be employed at will. If a judge determines that the offer letter is worded like a contract, promising a certain salary for a certain length of time, employers could be liable for paying the candidate that amount. HR should not be extending job offers until all possible pre-employment screening information has been received.

But some steps, such as background checks, drug tests and physicals, can't take place until after the offer is made. To avoid legal complications, a job offer letter should be clear that the offer is conditional and not a promise.

Danaher explained that written employment offers should clearly explain any conditions precedent to the actual employment and should require an applicant to sign a copy of the letter, indicating an understanding of those conditions.

I've also had candidates not pass the drug screen. So we moved on. HR must ensure compliance with any applicable federal, state and local notification requirements if a job offer is withdrawn because the candidate failed to satisfy a conditional requirement such as a background check or drug test, Silver said. For example, HR must send the candidate an adverse action letter if the employer withdraws an offer of employment due to the results of a background check under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Finally, avoid using descriptive language in the offer letter that might imply promises to the employee, such as "flexible work environment" or "many years to come. Experts agree that applicants should not only be verbally informed of a rescinded job offer but also notified in writing to eliminate any misunderstanding.

Lauby said that while working for a previous employer—an airline—all recruiting efforts were immediately put on hold in the wake of a well-publicized crash. It wasn't the right time to be onboarding new hires," she said. When we were ready to start recruiting again, we contacted those candidates. Some had found jobs, but others did come to work for us. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. By Roy Maurer August 25, Reuse Permissions.

Image Caption. Employers may also find themselves defending against other claims, including: Misrepresentation.

These are the most ridiculous reasons you didn’t get the job

The rejected candidate may claim fraud if the reason for the offer withdrawal is a corporate restructuring, budget cuts or an office relocation and the disruption was known by the employer before the job offer was made.Did you know that 57 percent of people have never negotiated a salary?

We turned to the users of one of the biggest, and definitely most opinionated, social media sites in the world to see what the masses have to say. Check out these salary negotiation stories and tactics from Redditors across the US.

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They are paying you based on your skills and what they believe you will contribute to the company. Everyone should negotiate their salary, but people who manage others should definitely negotiate their salary.

Having the responsibility of managing others alone can be excellent leverage for you in a negotiation situation. Curious to see how managing people should influence your salary? PayScale can help. One of the biggest misconceptions with salary negotiation is that there are things, other than salary, which are negotiable.

Things like PTO, k, and working from home privileges are all benefits that you have the power to negotiate to your advantage. And all you have to do is ask. Perhaps you should request an extended maternity leave. Live far away with a terrible commute? Ask if you can work from home part of the week. When you enter into a salary negotiation situation, buttermellow11 says to think about yourself in third person.

Essentially, take yourself out of the center of the conversation and focus on the numbers. This also helps get rid of the emotion that inevitably comes with any salary negotiation. For women, this is crucial as the gender pay gap is wider than ever.

It is very rare for an employer to revoke a job offer if you attempt to negotiate. Employers rarely turn applicants away for simply asking to negotiate their pay. Retracting a job offer because you negotiate says more about the employer than you. The last thing you need to know before you negotiate is your number.

Take the PayScale Salary Survey to get to familiar with your salary. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your salary report will be. Keep this number in your head as you go into your negotiations and remember that by going into the situation with data instead of emotion, you have the power to negotiate anything!

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Managing Others? You Should Definitely Negotiate Everyone should negotiate their salary, but people who manage others should definitely negotiate their salary. Get a Free Salary Report. Related Posts. Getting a Raise Is Not Magic 3 years ago 0. Save my data for the next comment.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser cookies for the next time I comment.Maybe you have several job offers to pick from. Even better. You may be feeling a range of emotions as you read over the job offer: excitement, happiness and maybe even relief that the process is over. You know the details of the offer: salary, benefits and maybe the bonus structure.

You have a good understanding of the job requirements. After all, this IS a big decision. The IT job market is picking up, especially for IT leadership roles. Should they stay at their current company? What if their current company makes a counter-offer? This classic line is from the movie Trading Places where Louis Winthorpe challenges a police officer who is about to conduct a body search.

reddit insulting job offer

And this same line is appropriate when you are considering a job offer. The choice you make today may pay off big time, or it could potentially derail your career. We also try to determine if we are compatible with the culture and whether we will like our hiring manager. While these are great things to consider, there are other criteria that you must evaluate to make the best decision possible.

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After all, you could be making a lot more money, but it could be at the cost of working 60 hours a week. Use your head — you need to evaluate more data points than salary, bonus, and the other obvious criteria. It means going a bit broader and deeper, and answering those questions that will help you get clear about this new opportunity. Too many times we IT people stay in our heads and never connect with our hearts when making decisions. I recently coached a client who had a dream job offer.

All the right pieces seem to be there. But as I coached her through making the decision, when she listened to her heart, she felt uneasy about accepting this job. So what are those other questions you need to consider to help you make an informed decision? Consider the following when comparing job offers or whether to stay in your current role:. After going through your scoring exercise and looking at how things stack up, be sure to check in with your heart.

reddit insulting job offer

If your head and your heart seem to be in alignment with your decision, then rest easy. Do you have additional criteria for evaluating a job offer beyond the obvious questions? Please share it with us! Lyria Charles has over 15 years in executive IT leadership. You can contact Lyria at lyria disruptitleader. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out.Don't feel bad if this happens to you. Even though the employer would be thrilled to have you on board, they would prefer you to let them know before you start the job.

There are strategies you can use to professionally decline a job offer, even if you have accepted it already. Why do candidates have second thoughts after they have said "yes" to a new job? This situation can happen for several reasons.

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Perhaps a family emergency has changed your situation, or you have gotten a dream job opportunity that you just can't turn down. Given the length of the hiring process in some circumstances, you may have rethought your objectives and decided to shift your career course. Do keep in mind that it's not just you.

And depending on the contract, you might still be able to turn down the job without any legal consequences. By turning the job down quickly and politely, you hopefully can maintain a positive relationship with the employer. It's more expensive for the company to onboard you, then start over with a new job search. Think it through. Once you turn down a job you previously accepted, there is no going back.

Therefore, think carefully about the pros and cons of rejecting the job. Read your contract. For example, some contracts say that you have a specific window of time during which you can reject the job or that you have to give a certain number of days' notice. Check with a lawyer or employment expert to make sure there will be no legal consequences for rejecting the job.

Don't wait. The sooner you let the hiring manager know, the sooner the employer can start looking for your replacement. He or she will appreciate your swift communication.

Be honest, but tactful. Let the employer know why you changed your mind, but do so without insulting him or her, or the company. If you found a job that you are much more interested in, explain that you were offered a job that is more in line with your skillset.

Do not say anything negative about the employer or the company.

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Be concise. No matter your reason for rejecting the job, keep your explanation brief. You do not want to go into all the details of your family emergency or why another job is a better fit for you.

reddit insulting job offer

This is a case where too much information isn't necessary. Express gratitude. Be sure to thank the employer for the opportunity to meet and to learn about the company. If there was anything in particular you liked about the employer or company, say so. Explain that turning down the job was a hard decision.

You do not want to burn bridges with the employer. You never know if you might want to work with them in the future. Know your bottom line. The employer might try to negotiate with you to get you to come on board. Before speaking with the hiring manager, decide what your bottom line is.