Photo 3x4 online

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Should you need to get your ID photos onlineConvertImage is your solution. The website will generate from your picture 8 ID photos ready to be printed out in only 8 seconds! It is clearly faster than the photo booth which you can find in the train station.

These ID photos will cover multiple uses, from the application form you want to submit to a sport club, to a School or University, or to renew your social security card, ID card, or passport, etc… You can entirely rely on ConvertImage to do it by yourself, at home! Why should you install a software producing ID photos? Our web application is totally free and will allow you to position your face exactly in the center of the photo.

Then it will be duplicated from a soft copy your scanned photo or taken with a digital camera or webcamor any previously existing photo of your face. If needed, you can prepare your photo by rotating it or by mirroring it if it comes from a webcam. Do not ask yourself what are the proper dimensions for an ID photo, or how can you generate your photos You will just have to print out your ID photos in JPG format over a glossy or thick paper to optimize the outcome. ConvertImage is the go-to utility for making your own identity photos online.

After all, who still wants to go into a photo booth in a mall or a photographer shop?

photo 3x4 online

Not you! You might try doing them in Word or Photoshop? But there, loads of technical constraints are emerging: How to duplicate the original photo, and get a regular spacing between each copy? What are the right dimensions? Generating your thumbnails online is very simple: you send the photo of your face, you crop it, and you download the high quality JPG file containing 8 identity photos that ConvertImage has created for you!

Cara Mengubah Ukuran Foto Secara Online

It's fast, cheap, and very efficient The dimensions of the file generated by ConvertImage are specially crafted. Therefore, it is suitable for printing on your printer or for a print on photo paper. The law requires us to ask you for your preferences regarding your personal data.

As "Tracking protection" is currently enabled in your browser, this prevents us to ask you for your preferences. Please first turn off the " Tracking protection ", then we will ask you for your preferences. This operation is to be done once for all. You can proceed this way :. We recommend you to use the Google Chrome web browser, robust and fast on all sites.

By using this website, you consent that we use technologies such as anonymous statistics and cookies to improve your browsing experience on our site, customise content and advertising, and analyse our traffic. This anonymous information may be shared with our trusted social media, advertising and analytics partners.If you want to use Flash, select the "Use Flash to crop photo" checkbox and follow the settings instruction on the Crop page.

If you don't want to use Flash, leave the "Use Flash to crop photo" checkbox unselected. For a detailed guide, see Help. We will no longer use face detection to determine the suitable crop frame for the picture.

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This means that users have to adjust the crop frame on the uploaded picture manually. This ensures that your pictures are encrypted during the uploading and downloading procedures.

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However, avoid public Wi-Fi connection when using the website. If you do not use your own computer or mobile device for creating the pictures, please make sure to delete both the initial and the downloaded images from the computer or mobile device used for the work.

If you want to create your own passport photo, you are at the right place. If you are not an experienced photographer, then try to create more than one photo with different lighting. For further requirements see Help. Photo 2x2 inches 4. Print size 9x13 cm 3. Image file. File requirements Maximum file size: 10 MB Minimum image dimensions: x pixels Maximum image dimensions: x pixels Acceptable file formats:. JPEG Please do not upload any scanned photos or documents.

I have read and accepted the privacy policy. I acknowledge that the use of the website is anonymous. Because of anonymity, I can only delete the successfully uploaded file until the browser is closed. I can delete the successfully uploaded image at any moment during the processing procedure.

photo 3x4 online

If the browser is closed, I can no longer delete my uploaded image due to anonymous uploading. Images uploaded to the server by me but not deleted by me are deleted by the deleting process on the server within 6 hours of uploading it. I accept that my previously uploaded image and all of its versions are deleted once I upload a new file. I accept that photos taken by this site may be rejected by the authorities and that the site is not responsible for any loss or expense arising therefrom.

Photo cropping method If you want to use Flash, select the "Use Flash to crop photo" checkbox and follow the settings instruction on the Crop page.

Use Flash to crop photo. Step-by-Step Guide Select the country, the photo type and the print size, and then upload a photo. Once the photo is uploaded, the Crop page opens. On the Crop page, you can cut the image using the crop frame.

When you have set the cropping, click on the Make Photo button. Download the printable image from the Download page.Ukuran foto yang diambil itu bisa berubah-ubah, lho. Salah satu faktornya, karena perbedaan perangkat saat foto diambil. Ini bisa dilakukan dengan berbagai macam metode dan aplikasi. Salah satunya adalah secara onlineyang mana akan kita bahas kali ini.

Anda juga bisa mengubahnya melalui software edit gambar tertentu, seperti Photoshop, Paint, dan masih banyak lagi. Khususnya, mungkin untuk anak sekolah yang sering membutuhkan foto dengan resolusi ini. Dengan memperbanyak tutorial semacam ini pun, saya harap bisa memperkaya variasi, serta memberikan alternatif termudah buat Anda yang membutuhkannya. Situs-situs editing seperti ini cukup banyak tersebar di internet, lho. Selain resizebiasanya akan terdapat juga fitur editing lain, seperti fitur untuk menghilangkan background foto misalnya.

Seperti namanya, PicResize adalah salah satu situs di internet yang didesain khusus untuk melakukan resize gambar. Terdapat beberapa opsi pengeditan di situs ini, namun fitur yang akan kita pakai kali ini adalah Custom Size. Iya, fitur Custom Size adalah fitur di mana Anda bisa mengatur ukuran foto Anda secara manual ke resolusi tertentu. Langkah 1 : Pertama, buka terlebih dahulu situs PicResize. Langkah 2 : Setelah itu, klik tombol Browsekemudian lanjut pilih foto yang Anda inginkan.

Jika sudah, klik tombol Continue. Langkah 3 : Silakan scroll ke bawah. Mirip seperti PicResize, ResizeImage.

Passport photos online, download your photo on the proper size!

Selain itu, di situs ini juga terdapat beberapa fitur lainnya, seperti crop foto, rotatehingga mampu digunakan untuk mengatur background gambar menjadi transparan. Saya sendiri juga sudah pernah mencoba memakai fitur-fitur yang ditawarkan oleh situs ini, saat membahas tentang cara memperbesar foto JPG. Langkah 1 : Silakan buka terlebih dahulu situs ResizeImage. Jangan lupa untuk menghilangkan centang pada kolom Keep Aspect Ratio. Langkah 4 : Selanjutnya, geser lagi ke bawah, kemudian klik Resize Image.

Lebih dari itu, masih ada pengaturan lainnya di situs ResizeImage. Situs ini sebenarnya tidak jauh berbeda dengan kedua situs sebelumnya. Dari segi fungsi, di sini Anda bisa melakukan crop foto, rotatedan resize. Meski demikian, ImageResizer.Cropping your image has never been easier. Fotor's free online image cropper allows you to crop and modify any image with ease to the exact size you want.

No Photoshop skills required, now come to use the Fotor's photo cropper to crop photos and create amazing impressions and images, perfect for every occasion. Did happen to snap a shot where there was more than what you wanted in it? How are going to fix it? Cropping an image is a great way to cut out anything unwanted, so you can control the image composition as you need to and add an amazing perspective.

With Fotor's Photo Cropper, you can choose what size to chop it down to and instantly edit in the perspective you want or remove anything unwanted by dragging any of the corners on the box that appears over your uploaded image, changing your image's orientation after a few clicks.

Cropping photos into any size you need is much easier with Fotor. No matter what social media size you need, like a Facebook Cover Photo or a size that adheres to the golden ratio, you just need to select one style and crop out any excessive pixels if necessary.

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Four simple clicks later, you will crop your images, so that they become your Facebook cover, YouTube Thumbnail, Twitter cover You can crop your heart's content, and you won't need to worry about losing image quality in Fotor's photo cropper. It is also totally free. Just upload your images and choose the crop size where you drag to the box's corners, so that any image can fit any size.

Do not hesitate to try Fotor's free photo cropper. Streamlining the image post process, Fotor's free online photo cropper allows you to easily and quickly crop unnecessary elements from your photos to highlight only the best parts of your image.

Choose from our nine pre-set dimensions, including square, basic ratios, and phone screen sizes, or crop using your preferred height and width. Now you can easily crop your photos to suit every social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You need to use Fotor's online photo cropper, which will help you cut pictures in just a few clicks. You don't need to download anything besides your cropped photo.

Just upload your image and choose the size you need. Furthermore, adjust the size by dragging the box's corners. Click Apply. Save and share your cropping image.Terutama yang berkaitan dengan administrasi dan pendataan yang berkaitan dengan identitas seseorang. Seperti untuk keperluan pendataan identitas siswa, administrasi perkantoran, dan lain sebagainya. Pada situasi tertentu, kita membutuhkan keterampilan untuk bisa mengubah ukuran foto.

Bisa saja karena enggak ada waktu untuk pergi ke tukang cetak foto, dan memilih untuk mencetaknya sendiri. Yang faktanya bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan cara online dan offline. Karena dalam dunia desain grafis, penting sekali untuk tahu jenis-jenis ukuran dalam berbagai satuan.

Mengapa bukan 3 cm dan 4 cm? Kenyataan seperti ada selisih 0. Iya, karena yang 0. Atau jangan-jangan dalam satuan lain. Karena dalam penyebutannya memang enggak pernah jelas satuan apa yang digunakan. Barangkali kita memang tipikal enggak mudah percaya sebelum membuktikannya. Cara pertama yang bisa kita coba adalah melalui offline. Kelebihan cara ini dibanding dengan cara offline yaitu kita enggak perlu menginstall program aplikasi di komputer. Secara space momori di perangkat mungkin lebih hemat ya, tapi untuk bisa melakukannya perlu koneksi internet.

Namun, bagi yang suka online pasti penasaran untuk mencobanya. Ketiga, silakan drag file foto ke bidang yang tersedia di laman picresize. Atau bisa juga dengan cara copy file lalu paste di bidang area yang tersedia di website. Situs ini juga support insert foto melalui link url, juga support untuk mengybah ukuran beberapa file foto sekaligus. Caranya ringgal klik menu yang ada pada laman situs tersebut. Untuk pengaturan custom size ini hanya tersedia pengaturan berdasarkan ukuran pixel dan persentase.

Karena jika menggunakan persentase, kita enggak bisa memastikan ukuran jadinya sesuai atau enggak. Picresize juga menyediakan fitur spesial efek yang bisa kita gunakan untuk mempercantik tampilan foto.

Ada 17 jenis efek yang bisa kita pilih salah satu. Silakan dicoba. Tunggu beberapa saat hingga proses resize selesai, maka kita akan dibawa pada laman website untuk beberapa pilihan. Sangat mudah sekali, bahkan enggak sampai lima menit sudah bisa mengeditnya.

Revolutionary Photo Editor and Design Maker

Kita enggak perlu repot-repot pergi ke studio foto untuk meminta jasa edit foto dan cetak. Selama ada printer warna dan kertas glossy di rumah, cetak sendiri saja.Notify me when this product is available:. It used to be that you had to pick just one, but with retro prints, you get the best of both worlds! Printed on the premium card stock, these 3x4" Retro Instagram prints will make every shot look like it just popped out of a time machine. Everything went well!

The price of the pictures were very affordable. I do think that shipping in a little slow but everything arrived on time not to mention the adorable photos!

I love the retro look! I highly recommend!! Loved the way the images came out. Everything was just as I expected. I would recommend FoxPrint to anybody. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Menu Cart. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Canvas Posters. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions.

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Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. More Filters. United States. Was this review helpful?

Amazing and affordable! I had no problems. They turned out perfectly.Want more attention for your store? Fotor makes it easy for you to build sale posters for new arrivals, end of season events, and many more special offers, even for non-designers. Try our ready-made posters for your next deal to maximize foot traffic now! Old photos record the time we spent with family and friends. A collage is the perfect way to collect these delightful memories and cherish days gone by.

We provide many creative and beautiful layouts that feature easily customizable smart clip arts, unique font styles that are simple use.

Create collages with ease and keep those happy moments forever. Easily remove wrinkles, acne, and freckles, reshape your face and body, whiten your teeth, bring out the best in your portraits. Apply these advanced tools to beautify your photos right now. At Fotor, you can create any image you want with just a few clicks!

But before that, you might want to get to know Fotor better with these short video tutorials. With our online photo editing suite, you can easily adjust color, size, light and more. We also provide HDR effects for advanced editing needs.

A large selection of photo filters can give you the magic touch to edit your photos the way you want. You can easily transform your portraits into something beautiful.

Our amazing beauty features can give your subject a makeover, add highlights, increase radiance, etc. Accent your ideas with many preset templates, ranging from social media designs including Facebook covers, posters, photo cards, YouTube banner ads, and much, much more!

photo 3x4 online

You can easily create all kinds of designs in just a few clicks! Just drag and drop. Your photos can be easily set into the designs with a preset shape of your choice.

Access a large selection of fonts that span multiple styles to match the design you envision.

photo 3x4 online

Manage easily with a range of text options.